The following instructions will provide you with a linked browser wallet and mobile phone wallet that can be used for many purposes and you will have a valuable experience in the the digital payment world we now live in.  Once setup, purchases will be simple.  If you already have the mobile app installed ( and activated, just copy the 12 secret words from the App to the Browser Wallet.

Go to preferably on a desktop or laptop, but a cellphone will work also. Create a wallet, follow the directions there, and email or text yourself the twelve recovery words supplied.

Next click on “Import” and select “From Another Address


Scan the “Private Key” from the paper Gift form with any scan app (scan app should allow you to tap and copy or email or text it to yourself).  Then copy the Private Key you just scanned and paste it into the form that pops up after selecting “From Another Address” as shown above followed by the “Sweep” command.



The MonkeyBucks and a small amount of BTC (Bitcoin, for transfer fees) will show up in your new wallet after about 15 to 90 minutes.

Next download the mobile app (IndieSquare) one wordfrom the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store or preferably use this link

After installation of app select “Menu” on bottom right and then “System Linkage” which will allow you to scan the browser QR code which will import the wallet you created in the beginning.  To bring up QR code from the first wallet you created select “Address Actions” as shown below and then “Show QR Code

screenshot_20161015-024518   screenshot_20161015-024526



You now have a browser wallet and mobile wallet that are linked.  Use your mobile wallet at Monkey Business in order to pay your bill.

To verify funds on paper wallet go to and paste in the public address.

Each transfer in funds will incur about a $0.05 cent transfer fee which is paid in Bitcoin which is why your MonkeyBucks gift card also has a small amount of Bitcoin transferred to your wallet.