New User

Download any QR Scanner app from your cell phone app store or use one already installed on your cell phone.

Scan the Qr Code on the back of the gift card.  The scanner should allow you to email or text to yourself the secret 12 code words from the scan or cut and paste and email to yourself and to

Download this mobile app:

Open the downloaded wallet and click on “Already have a Recovery phraseNOTCreate a New Wallet“.   If make mistake uninstall and download again.

The recovery phrase is the 12 words.  You can cut and paste or type them in.

One last thing.  Email those same 12 words to if not already done.  Your MonkeyBucks and a small amount of Bitcoin will show up in your new IndieSquare Wallet within 24 hours, probably much sooner.

You are ready to spend now and save money at the same time.

Buy more MonkeyBucks at discounts up to 20%.  Here  Save, Save, Save

You can send MonkeyBucks to or from your friends with your new digital mobile wallet.

Your MonkeyBucks are secured by the Bitcoin Blockchain which currently has daily activity in Billions of dollars and many hundreds of thousands of transactions and has never been hacked since its birth in 2009.  People have lost their secret key words, but, hey at lease you can make a spare one.

Note:  In the app, you may see the MonkeyBucks as having a value of more than $1.00.  MonkeyBusiness bar accepts each MonkeyBuck as $1.00 USD in product, no more, no less.  MonkeyBucks are also traded in the app on an exchange and sometimes are sold for more, and you can too if you wanna get into that kinda stuff.